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What is Multiverse Designer?

Multiverse Designer is a work in progress innovative software for virtual table top RPG and storytelling. It lets you create any kind of scene, environment, character, and rule system you can imagine. It has thousands of assets, effects, and features that you can customize and combine to make your stories unique and immersive. You can use it to play any genre, from fantasy to sci-fi, from horror to comedy. You can use it to play with your friends online and to roleplay, fight, explore, or simply gather your friends and have fun, even without knowing any RPG rules.


The journey so far...

We are Toopan Games, a small game development team from Brazil, composed by avid RPG players. The first concepts for Multiverse Designer began to emerge in 2019, and the main objective back then was to improve the experience of playing RPGs online with our friends, based on the main difficulties and limitations of the tools available for this at the time. Since then, the project has grown a lot and, as we are a small team, we came to the conclusion that the best way to fund development would be the crowdfunding model, and that's when we decided to create a campaign on Kickstarter. Although we have already evolved a lot (all the videos and images we published so far are from actual game footage), the fact is that we need your support to make Multiverse Designer become everything we imagined!

With your help, Multiverse Designer will be more than just a software.

It will be an experience for creativity, expression, and entertainment.

It will be a way to unleash your imagination and live your dreams.

It will be a way for you to become a storyteller.


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